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What is S-Credit?
A credit system at SW-BOX to facilitate payment, where your money is deposited on your SW-BOX account.
Specially beneficial to wholesalers and drop shippers.
Refund and compensation shall go into your S-Credit as well.
Only accept Western Union and bank transfer.
Why is S-Credit?
Save, Efficient, Convenient Online checkout without redirecting to other payment gateways, saving you the time.
Reduce commission charges raised by frequent bank transfers, saving you the money and the trouble.
How to Get S-Credit?
All customers are able to prepay for SW-BOX credit balance; however, to reward our customers for loyalty, S-credit rebates are offered to a Silver Member and Above.
For a Silver Member and Above, a $2,000 USD deposit equals to extra 5% S-Credits, $5,000 USD 6%.
According to 100 S-credits = $1 USD, he will respectively get:
$2000 USD ( and 5% Rebates) = (2000 x 100) x (1 + 5%) = 210,000 S-Credits = $2100 USD
$5000 USD ( and 6% Rebates) = (5000 x 100) x (1 + 6%) = 530,000 S-Credits = $5300 USD

As the formula shown above, the more one tops up in his S-Credit, the more rebates he will get.
How to Credit My S-Credit?
We only accept Western Union and bank transfer.
Upload the bank slip to SW-BOX after you deposit the sum in SW-BOX account.
Your S-Credit will be validated the moment we receive the transfered.
How to Check My S-Credit?
Login My Account , enter My S-Credit to check your balance and the transaction history.

S-Credit's Policy
- reserves the right to change customers’ S-Credit Account when error occurs.
- S-credit can't be withdrawn in cash; instead, it can ONLY be used at as a payment method.
- 100 S-Credits = $1 USD
- S-Credits will be transferred to your account only when we receive your payment or when we give refunds and pay compensation.
- We topup your S-credit according to the payment we have received, instead of the amount you have transferred (bank commissions, for example, are not included in the amount we receive); to benefit from more of S-Credit rebates, we may suggest you transfer $2100 USD or $5100 USD.

* reserved the right to change the s-credit's policy without priority notice.