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01. How to Level up to a Higher Level?

With $29 USD qualifying purchases having been made, you will become a Reseller Member. To move up to a Bronze Member, you will need at least $299 USD purchases. Requirements of purchase for the following levels are shown in the graph above. The highest membership level in the hierarchy is Diamond, which requires $69999 USD purchases.

Note: Benefits with ** require a USD $100 purchase monthly for a Reseller / Bronze / Silver Member and a USD $500 purchase quarterly for a Gold / Platinum / Diamond Member.
Benefits VIP Level
Reseller Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Rewards & Offer
Tier Pricing
More discounts given on more purchases
Monthly Deals **
Get corresponding items at lowest prices in pricing system
  5 Items / Month 10 Items / Month 20 Items / Month 35 Items / Month 50 Items / Month
Privilege of Overstock Section
Bulk orders with unprecedented wholesale prices
Privilege of Free Product Sample Section **
An corresponding number of free samples offered
      3 Items / Month 5 Items / Month 8 Items / Month
Access to S-Credit
Deposit money in your SW-BOX account
Privilege of Up to 6% S-Credit Bonus
The more money you prepay, the more S-Credits you get.
S-Point Given for Each Purchase
Earn 1 S-Point for 1 USD; A minimum of $30 USD purchase required
Spend More S-Point on Each Order
Corresponding percentage of subtotal offset by S-Point
10% from order subtotal 10% from order subtotal 20% from order subtotal 20% from order subtotal 30% from order subtotal 30% from order subtotal
Customer Support
Exclusive VIP Live Chat Channel and Helpline
Easy access to SW-BOX assistance
Priority Given to Order Processing and Refund Handling      
Wholesale & Dropship Functionality
Priviledge of Product Images **
Easy access to free SW-BOX product images without watermarks
15 times / month 100 times / month 200 times / month 500 times / month 1000 times / month 2000 times / month
More Options of Shipping Methods
Access to shipping methods you assign
Note: Benefits with ** require a USD $100 purchase monthly for a Reseller / Bronze / Silver Member and a USD $500 purchase quarterly for a Gold / Platinum / Diamond Member.
02. How to Maintain My Membership?
To maintain your membership, a minimum of ONE qualifying order is required on an yearly basis.
03. Is there any requirement for purchase if I wish to benefit from what you offer?
SW-BOX offers benefits for all levels of Membership, and you are not compelled to make a purchase (as long as you make a qualifying order per year). However,Benefits with** are only accessible when a Reseller / Bronze / Silver Member makes a USD $100 purchase per month, or when a Gold / Platinum / Diamond Member makes a USD $500 purchase per quarter.
04. How to Get More Discounts?
SW-BOX has a tier pricing system, which applies to all Member levels. Discounts you will be offered depend on how much you purchase and how high your Member level is. That is, the more you purchase, the more discounts will be offered; the higher your Member level is, the more discounts you can get. Generally, you are shown 5 tiers of price according to your Member level.
05. How to Get Overstock Lot?
A Silver Member and Above has the privilege of access to Overstock Section on our website, where you can get bulk goods at unprecedented wholesale prices! The prerequisite is a minimum of $200 USD purchase of ONE lot alone in the Overstock Section.
06. How to Get Monthly Deals?
Without limits on the quantity of purchase, you can get corresponding items at the lowest price in our pricing system. Take a Bronze Member for example, you wish to buy one leather flip case as follows. Generally, you need to pay $2.71 for the case; however, thanks to Monthly Deals, you can take this case at $ 2.27(automatically generated by our pricing system, even lower than the tier prices shown) despite purchase of only one item. Moreover, the quota of Monthly Deals for a Bronze Member is 5, which means that you can, besides this flip case, buy another 4 items at favorably reduced prices!
The Monthly Deal quotas for a Silver Member, a Gold Member, a Platinum Member and a Diamond Member are respectively 10, 20, 35, 50 items per month.

07. How to Get Monthly Free Sample?
This privilege applies to a Gold Member and Above. A Gold Member can get 3 new arrivals for free monthly, Platinum 5, and Diamond 8. The prerequisite is a minimum of $100 USD purchase of ONE order alone.

08. What is Customer Support Like?
Special live chat channels and phone lines are provided for a Silver Member and Above, to ensure easy access to communication with SW-BOX.
For a Gold Member and Above, top priority will be given to your orders, refunds and warranty.
09. How to Get Product Images?
This service, beneficial to drop shippers, applies to all Member levels. The product images from SW-BOX are of high definition and without watermarks, which are probably transferred in a ZIP file. On a monthly basis, a Reseller Member is allowed to download the images 15 times, a Bronze Member 100, a Silver Member 200, a Gold Member 500, a Platinum Member 1,000 and a Diamond Member 2,000. The higher level your Membership is, the more times you are able to download our product images, saving your the time and trouble to have your goods re-shot.
10. How to Choose Shipping Method?
Besides the logistics services SW-BOX provides, you are able to assign shipping methods of your own will.