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Step 1: Register and Log in
        Register to create your account


        If you have already registered, please login in


Step 2: Purchase the Items
        (1) Search the product you want to buy and click “Add to Cart” button.


        (2) After you clicked “Add to Cart” button, you will see a new window (shown as the following picture). If you want to continue shopping, please click “continue ”, or click “Checkout” to place the order.


Step 3: Place an order
        If you have clicked “Checkout” on step 2(2), just follow the instructions to access checkout page; If not, click “cart item” on the top right to place the order.



Step 4: Edit Information
        (1) If you want to change the item quantity or delete it, simply make change as the following image


        (2) You can choose to pay by Paypal or con tinue to buy using other following methods


        (3) Please carefully fill in “Contact information” and “Billing address” to make sure you will receive products on time;

        (4) Click Shipping & Custom and Payment methods to know more about shipping ways and payment methods to help you make choice.

        Choose shipping methods:


       Choose payment methods:


Step 5: Finish Order
        Click “Place order” and access to paying site to finish you order, if you have coupon code, please type the code and click “Apply”.

        (NOTE: Click How to Use Coupon Code to Know More About coupon code using)


        Congratulations! You have successfully ordered. Thanks for your purchase!